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Transform a space with creative direction

We strongly believing one of the best ways engaging a successful photoshoot is through a strong foundation of creative direction. Most clients that have worked us would have known the way we approach our photoshoot which may be a little complex and does challenges the conventional local thinking for those that step their foot in for the first time. Thankfully, up to date those who have done it provided a positive feedback. And we do hope to continue sharing and execute with more new clients.

Rest assured and do not just take our words for it as in this article we will provide visual references and tips from our own shoot for your own interpretation. Hopefully we will be able to convince you to start your next photoshoot with a solid creative direction as we pretty much guarantee all your effort will be worth it. One thing to note, both before and after comparison image come from a proper photoshoot in the same location and same photographer just different creative direction approach. Both images are also final and deliverable. All reference images follow the same format (left: no creative direction, right: with creative direction and set styling).

Before we discuss further on the benefits of creative direction, lets talk about what is creative direction and the core elements that make it work. Creative direction by nature is a guideline concept that oversees or speaks for a brand marketing to ensure that they speak the language that the brand wants to convey. Which in this case to convey and deliver the design language of your company or your project. To develop a creative direction, first you have to think about your design narrative, design pillar, or your company's design philosophy. That will be the root of your creative direction as it will relate to your design. Once you have that done, you will be able to present a particular project based on your understanding pulling all the elements that work cohesively to tell a story of your design.

Through a proper planning and execution, we will be able to instil the right mood to portray the correct to the viewer for them to feel the sense of space. Allowing your viewer to feel the space and have a clear picture is exceptionally important as certain design or architecture may look good but does not feel right to be in. This in return will help you sell your design better to the right target group who appreciate things the way they are.

Apart from the obvious visual benefits, this approach may also upscale your brand. As it directly reflects on the value of your design. Putting this practice into perspective, a designer and architect with a strong fundamental narrative behind their work will produce something that is way better than a design with no fundamental as their design core and reference. Tragically will just end up looking similar or perceived as copying what others are doing. Having this perspective will end up benefitting all parties especially in upselling the value of your design to your potential clients and existing clients. This will hence lead to a more sustainable branding of your company as you grow into a larger firm with a strong core to distinguish yourself from the competitors.

Although it may be obvious, with a proper creative direction for the photoshoot, you will not only be able to present the architecture better, but in return also provide varieties leveraging on the strength of your design. Hence providing a different look with the same space.

Transforming a space often might just be about looking at the small details, emphasizing them while adding elements that work together for your creative direction. This will put you in the upper hand as your set of portfolio will be solely yours and looking uniquely different from the others.

Thanks for making it this far, we will attach a few more examples below regarding this approach, and hopefully by the end of this article. You will be somehow convince into start using creative directions for your next photoshoot. Feel free to write to us and we will be happy to discuss on your thoughts on this approach. Thank you!

Creative Direction : @zhenspace @jonathan.zhongwenfa

Photographer : @zhenspace

Production : @yzhensiang


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